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Kirsty McCabe tries to give up the buggy and convince her kids to walk, scoot or cycle...

"Balance bikes are the perfect way to prepare kids to ride a bicycle, when it came to the crunch we didn’t even need stabilisers for Ethan!" - but will this work for younger brother, Logan?

Posted: 4 August 2016
by Catherine Hudson

'Balance on a bike? Why bother, when I have a perfectly comfy pram?'

I’m having trouble convincing my youngest son Logan, aged 3, to give up the buggy and walk, scoot or cycle his way to preschool instead. Unfortunately, he’s inherited my stubbornness, and that combined with the comfy ride of his Joolz pram means he’s in no hurry to go anywhere under his own steam.

I’ve tried to lure him with older brother Ethan’s Kiddimoto balance bike. We are huge fans of this balance bike. Super light, easy to steer and it allowed Ethan to get the hang of balancing on two wheels. Balance bikes are the perfect way to prepare kids to ride a bicycle, when it came to the crunch we didn’t even need stabilisers for Ethan!

Kiddimoto U-Zoom Skullz scooter

But so far Logan refuses to go near the balance bike. Maybe he’d prefer a scooter instead? There are a variety of scooters out there, some with a single wheel up front that you steer by turning the handlebars left or right. Many others opt for the double wheels at the front and you simply lean to the side in order to turn.

We opted for the leaning option with a Kiddimoto U-Zoom Skullz scooter. It looks great, with flashing lights on the wheels, plus it folds up which makes it much easier for parents to carry when their little ones decide they’re too tired to scoot.

Has this been enough to tempt young Logan? He has been seen slowly shuffling along with the scooter, feet either side, so it’s still a work in progress. Instead it’s Ethan who has been lured by the scooter, quite possibly because lots of his school buddies use them. It’s quite amusing given that I tried and failed to get him to scoot a few years ago but there you are. Ethan is now scooting along to school, while Logie chills out in the Joolz...

Kirsty McCabe writes her weekly column here on www.juniormagazine.co.uk. Follow us on Twitter: @juniormagazine to keep up with the latest news

"And, if you are in need of a little friendly, advice, have a read of some of my other columns...Kirsty McCabe

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