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Is organic living really important?

What does organic mean and how can it be good for your family? We find out...

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Have you gone organic?

You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing some new shop that’s just opened proclaiming its ‘natural’ virtues, or reading headlines about the benefits of buying organic, or hearing about the ‘big business’ of going green. And while we want to make the best choice for ourselves, our children and our planet, we sometimes feel a small hint of scepticism. After all, despite the masses of information out there, do we really know why we should go organic?

“I believe we should all reduce the amount of potentially toxic synthetic chemicals that we put inside our bodies and on our skin,” says Janey Lee Grace, the author of the Imperfectly Natural series of books. “No one piece of fruit or synthetic chemical bottle of cream is going to make you unwell, but the cumulative effect of all of these could result in a depleted immune system. Produce that is organically grown has well-documented health benefits because of the absence of chemical pesticides and herbicides. In fact, during war-time people were largely more healthy – partly because they ate less and partly because much of their fruit and veg was grown in their own garden without chemical fertilisers, because these simply weren’t available.”

But ‘going natural’ does seem to be a very expensive new trend when you compare products. So aren’t we all perhaps being conned into paying an excessive amount for our ‘organic’ ranges?

“As yet, many items aren’t being mass-produced,” explains Janey. “So they do cost a little more. But you’ll find that when you stop buying products, such as regular air fresheners (and use water and essential oils instead), you’ll save money and packaging and maybe have fewer headaches too.” OK, so where should I begin? And how do I know what to buy after using my conventional brands for so long?

“Start by buying fresh items from a local farmers’ market,” says Janey. “You’ll taste the difference straightaway and want more of the same. When it comes to household and skincare products, simply replace things as they run out.” When it comes to sourcing the best products on the market, there are plenty of books to help you on your way. The appeal of Janey’s Imperfectly Natural series is that she emphasises that we’re only human, so going natural in an imperfect way is the best way to face the task ahead.


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