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Ed's Easy Diner restaurant: Family review

Burgers, fries, milkshakes and a bit of classic rock 'n' roll, make for a fun family meal out

Posted: 2 September 2015
by Catherine Hudson
Ed's Easy Diner family
The sign might say 'no dancin' in the aisles', but there was definitely 'dancin' in the booth'

Burger, fries and milkshakes have all become mainstays of Britain's restaurant menus since the first Wimpy opened in London in 1954. Fast forward a few decades and competition is fiercer than ever, with pop up burger bars, grills and food trucks all competing to be the tasty treat we allow ourselves, every now and then.

Ed's Easy Diner, an 1950s American style family restaurant, opened in 1987 in London's Soho, and has since opened branches across the country, tempting diners into it's now familiar cherry red booths and counter top tables with it's Atomic fries and thick, creamy, double-helping milkshakes. The original diner-style of restaurant also includes independent 'shake stands', petite 'dinerettes' and a larger BBQ and grill restaurant. 

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The menu has purposely been kept simple (perhaps applying an 'if it aint broke, don't fix it' attitude), with burgers, chicken burgers, fries, onion rings and shakes and a selection of classic American-style toppings; BBQ sauce, bacon, lettuce, cheese, etc. It does offer a small selection of salads, although, this seems rather a token addition; the only green on our table was the lettuce in the burgers... The famed 'Atomic fries' are normal fries, served with five dips, ranging from melted burger cheese to guacamole and meaty chilli.

Ed's Easy Diner milkshakes

Children under the age of 10 can choose from the Junior menu, which includes a junior burger, puppy dog (beef hot dog) and chicken tenders - all served with a mini side salad and fries. Mini moo milkshakes are smaller versions of the popular adult-sized double serving, with flavours ranging from Nutella to Oreo and classic peanut butter and banana. 

We suspected that the youngest diner at our table had eyes bigger than his belly when he spotted the 'all-day breakfast burger' on the main menu, which (credit due) he managed to eat all of. Although it was down to us to polish off the remaining chips on his plate. The milkshakes are a big hit with diners of all ages. Which flavour to choose, however, could prove a difficult decision.

The staff are friendly, happily churning out a conveyor of foodie fayre from the open plan kitchen behind the gleaming counter, and dancing your order over to sounds of the 50s and early 60s that sing out. You can even select the music you dine to on a jukebox, and all money raised from that is donated to a charity. This year is Action Against Hunger - which with Ed's generous portion sizes, seems entirely appropriate.

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Ed's Easy Diner Atomic onion rings

Ed's Easy Diner burger

Ed's Easy Diner chocolate brownie

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