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PizzaBuzz restaurant: Family review

An exciting new self-service eatery where children can build their own tailor made pizza

Posted: 8 September 2015
by Kelly Beswick

Shiny new PizzaBuzz in the trendy Alphabeta Building

It’s a blustery, rain-soaked late summer evening in the heart of the city when myself, husband, Sam, and 12-year-old twins, Kit and Natasha, down brollies and enter the fabulously contemporary confection that is the new Alphabeta Building on London’s Worship Street, home to the equally shiny PizzaBuzz restaurant. Immediately our moods are lifted as we survey before us a vast Willy Wonkaesque space where instead of Oompa Loompas creating all manner of candy, there’s a team of staff lined up and waiting to construct you the pizza of your dreams. The huge grins on Kit and Natasha’s faces said it all really – this is pizza heaven

The bright and airy interior has a contemporary feel

Super eager to start choosing their bases and various toppings, the children had to be held back temporarily while we issued a quick word of warning: less can often be more when it comes to toppings, and the pizza would only be as good as the choices they made! It’s a view echoed by Simon, PizzaBuzz’s charming manager, who kindly stepped over to help steer us along the pizza production line. First stop is base camp (as it probably should be known), where a unique blend of spelt flour helps form the dough base, which is then customized according to your taste. Me and Sam opted for a classic Margherita on which to build upon, while the children went for Verde (pesto, mozzarella and Parmesan). After this, things can turn into a bit of a feeding frenzy as Kit and Natasha zoomed along the line, building on their bases at a break neck pace, while us adults lingered back, slightly more hesitant in our choices. That said, in less than five minutes we were all done and our pizzas were being lifted into the wood-burning oven that’s actually more of a furnace (it cooks the pizza in just 150 seconds), while a salad and burrata (a supremely creamy soft Italian cheese) were added to our order and were definitely a case of our eyes being bigger than our bellies!

The dough is made from specially blended spelt flour

There's so many toppings to choose from

Next we moved to the drinks counter where Kit and Natasha were completely bowled over by the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine standing seductively in the corner. This touch- screen soda fountain serving up more than a hundred different drink choices, and with an option to create your own mixes, had my children at hello, and they kept returning to renew their acquaintance throughout our visit. Sam and I, however, opted for a small carafe of the eminently quaffable house red.

The Coca-Cola Freestyle – a soda fountain for the tech age

As we took to our booth, our pizzas promptly arrived, and jolly wonderful they were too. Natasha’s salmon and vegetable option looked as good as it tasted, all pretty pinks and vivid greens, while Kit’s sausage and olive offering got a resounding thumbs up from him (younger children can tuck into the smaller Littlebeez pizzas). Sam had gone for all things spicy (merguez, chilli oil, japenos, etc.) and it certainly delivered the required kick, while my meatball, caper and red onion selection had a salty, tangy loveliness that kept me devouring long after I should have stopped.  Almost too full for dessert, we were persuaded by Simon to give the Mamoo ice cream a go, and a cow’s milk chocolate and an almond milk vanilla were duly ordered via the restaurant’s fancy Flypay app on my iPhone, talk about fingers on the techy pulse! Totally replete, we stumbled out of PizzaBuzz into the gloomy, mizzle-strewn night, but after such a glorious feast, nothing could dampen our spirits!

For reservations and enquiries call 020 3815 6696 or visit

Natasha's pizza was a work of art

Kit tucking into his carefully crafted creation

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