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Five cool camping essentials

Don't forget these essentials for your outdoor adventure

Posted: 1 May 2012
by Laura James

1. A torch
The importance of having a good torch cannot be stressed enough. It gets awfully dark in a remote field and so a torch is an essential tool, particularly when trying to find the loo. The wind-up variety are a good bet, as you don’t need to worry about batteries running down. 

2. A decent pillow
I can put up with pretty much anything as long as I know there’ll be a squishy pillow waiting for me at the end of the day. Children, especially, like the comfort of their own pillow when camping.

3. Wellington boots
Even in the summer it can get rather muddy in an English field. Hunter offer a colourful selection of children’s Wellington boots as do Cath Kidston and Boden. 

4. Music
A wind-up radio or an iPod with portable speakers are great extras to have when you’re camping. I find stories on an iPod ensure nervous children will relax enough to get to sleep. Or, alternatively, you can sing them to sleep with camp songs around the fire.

5. A good sleeping bag
Nylon sleeping bags, to me at least, are the height of discomfort. Cotton-lined ones are far cosier while silk sleeping bags are surprisingly cheap and also extremely comfortable.

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